Diaglogic Biolabs(Xiamen)Co.,Ltd.

Diaglogic Biolabs(Xiamen)Co.,Ltd. is committed to becoming one of the leaders in the field of molecular diagnosis in China, focusing on promoting the progress of molecular medicine in China.Design, develop, produce and sell the most advanced pathological molecular diagnosis system and popularize it commercially. with the innovation of modern medical technology in the past decade, the clinical application of cellular and molecular pathology detection has been expanding and increasing. 

Since its establishment in 2014, the company has taken the lead in inventing a number of new technologies, which have been effectively and safely applied to all high-end products. Its safety, effectiveness and reliability have been highly recognized and supported by all customers, suppliers or patients who want to obtain more accurate personality diagnosis. 

The company's customers include laboratories, hospitals, tumor treatment centers, university medical institutions, project teams and biopharmaceutical companies, and we currently offer products such as FISH probe reagents and special staining, automatic staining and imaging systems.